are morkies hard to potty train

Are Morkies Hard to Potty Train?

Morkies are a mix of two small dog breeds: Maltese and Yorkshire Terriers. To get your little Morkie pup potty trained can feel like a challenge and this begs the question. Are Morkies hard to potty train? A lot of small dogs can be difficult when it comes to poop training, but don’t worry. Your little one is not the only one that’s giving their human trouble.

One of the reasons is because they have a small bladder and cannot hold it in for long. It is also tougher to poop train a Morkie that you got from a breeder who did not get the ball rolling. And rescue dogs come with their own set of problems. But we’ll help you figure it all out today.

The first thing to remember is that the process of poop training your Morkie must start right away. That means you need to get the supplies before you get the pup home.

What supplies, you ask? First, you must begin by deciding whether you will do this indoors or in a specific place outside the house. If it is inside the house, you need to get an indoor toilet and set it up in a place that the puppy can easily access.

Morkies are small dogs and you get good potty training systems that suit their size. You need to get a potty, a pad holder and a mesh training tray. Once the initial setup is done, you’re going to have to deal with the tougher part of the problem.

Morkies are known for their sense of smell. So, once you get them used to a specific place to poop or pee, you will see that they sniff the surroundings to find just the right spot. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s do this step by step.

potty training a morkie

Steps to Potty Train a Morkie

Step 1: Pick a spot and make it accessible for the pup

In the beginning, you will need to take them to the same spot and do it at regular intervals so that they don’t end up relieving themselves anywhere in the house.

You can train them to follow visual or verbal commands. This helps them build an association in their head between the spot and the command. Give them enough time to adapt to the spot and let them do their business for as little or as long as it takes.

Don’t distract them by petting them while they’ve got the job in hand. You might think you’re being a good pet parent but this is not the time. Observe them and see what they do when they are ready to relieve themselves. That will help you in the future too.

Step 2: Ensure that the pup knows and remembers its designated potty spot

Over time, they will learn to do their business in the designated place. When they do a good job, make sure you tell them that. You can do that with praise or treats. Positive reinforcement is an excellent way to train any puppy. It is also the right way to do it.

But Morkies like to please their humans just like their Maltese parent. So, punishment is not going to get you anywhere. When your Morkie learns that going to potty in the right place earns them praise, you will see that they will be excited to do it and will look for your reaction.

Step 3: Learning to go without you around

It will take some time to get to this stage but when you do, make sure the equipment is in place. That means you must put them in a crate, at least initially, so that there are no accidents. This also helps you do damage control in case there is one. It is important to check if they wet themselves or pooped or peed where they sleep. If they did, clean it immediately.

Also, remember to give them plenty of exercises if you have had to keep them in the crate for a long time while you were away. That is because Morkies are an energetic breed. They get this from their Yorkshire Terrier parent.

Step 4: Get them on a schedule

To make this happen, their feeding routine must also be fixed. If there is leftover food, take it away after your pup seems to have finished eating. Regulating their meals also has the added benefit of these small dogs not getting obese. They are quick to adapt to schedules once they know a routine is being put in place.

nervous morkie

Step 5: Stay persistent, but patient.

Your puppy just got a new home. They are still getting used to the surroundings. And you are teaching them a few new tricks. Give them time to absorb all the information you are throwing their way. And if they happen to “leak a little” don’t get upset with them (or yourself for that matter).

This is quite common in a lot of puppies and it is involuntary. It’s nothing to be worried about. As mentioned before, they have tiny bladders and they might still be nervous till they get used to you, the potty and the training.

They also tend to pee a little when they get excited. That shouldn’t be hard to fix. But technically, this should stop by the time your puppy is about six months old. So, keep an eye on the timeline to make sure there is nothing wrong.

Parting Thoughts – Are Morkies Hard to Potty Train?

It is not hard to potty train a dog that wants to please its human. But remember that consistency is a big part of any kind of training. It’s the same with potty training a little Morkie pup.

So, draw up a timetable that is not overwhelming. This should include meal timings, exercise timings, play timings and potty timings. Stick rigidly to the schedule although don’t force-feed them. Pretty soon, you will find that they will let you know when they want to go out or relieve themselves.

And always remember to be gentle till they can figure it out. Keep them in a crate when no one is home to avoid accidents and also help yourself do damage control easily.