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A Complete Australian Mountain Doodle Guide

If you are looking to bring a dog like an Australian Mountain Doodle home, there are several areas in which you will require research before you make your final decision. The foremost thing you must think about is how much space you have and what kind of breed you will be able to take care of. While there is no paucity of dog breeds out there, there are some who may be more suitable for your way of living and the general schedule you follow.

Australian Mountain Doodles are one such breed that can adapt to various lifestyles and can be a fit in almost any kind of household. They get along very well with kids and you can even socialise them into being friendly with other pets like cats.

But knowing this much is not enough to know whether this may be the right breed for you. The following is a brief guide to Australian Mountain Doodles that should provide you with all the information you need before making the decision to adopt one.

Origins of the Australian Mountain Doodle

The Australian Mountain Doodle is an adorable mix of several beautiful dog breeds. There are at least three lines of ancestry in its genes, namely the Bernese Mountain Dog, the Poodle and the Australian Shepherd dog. To put it simply, the Australian Mountain Doodle is a mix of the Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd and Poodle) and the Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle).

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large and resilient dog that originates in the Swiss Alps. It gets its name from the canton of Bern, a region in Switzerland known for dairy production. This breed of dogs has been useful in the region for years to drive cattle and serve as guard dogs.

bernese mountain dog

The Australian Shepherd Dog is a medium-sized dog that originates in the United States. This is a good-natured and friendly breed that likely gets its parentage from various kinds of landrace collies in England.

Finally, Poodles require no introduction. This dog breed is as royal as royalty can get and has enjoyed the patronage of several royal families in the Western world. Though their origin is not established, they were likely first bred in Germany or France. The Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle and Toy Poodle are the three known varieties of the breed.

The Australian Mountain Dog has traits of all three breeds described above through its mixed parentage. Like its parents, the Australian Mountain Dog is a gentle, intelligent and loving dog.


Some dog breeds get a bad reputation when it comes to their temperament, while others are known to be gentle dogs but may shock you with their temperamental behaviour. No matter what the innate qualities of a breed’s personality, one must know that dogs are intelligent and instinctual animals.

If they sense danger, threat or belligerence towards them, they will respond accordingly. Having said that, the Australian Mountain Dog has some great traits it imbibes from its parents.

The Australian Shepherd Dog can hike for miles and is a resilient breed. They make good guard dogs though they are also friendly and loyal companions. The Bernese Mountain Dog has similar qualities and makes for a great companion. Poodles are graceful and intelligent dogs that can be trained easily.

All three parent breeds are energetic and require a lot of exercise and engagement. This also applies to the Australian Mountain Doodle. The Australian Mountain Doodle is also easy to train and extremely loyal and intelligent.

miniature poodle
Australian Mountain Doodles get some of their looks and personality from Poodles


The Australian Mountain Doodle can be a mix of various colours like brown, white, black and merle. Typically, an Australian Mountain Doodle will have a bi or tri-colour coat.

Whether bi or tri-coloured, the Australian Mountain Doodle will likely have a white patch running down the middle from its nozzle down to the belly. In some cases, all four paws may also have patches of white. They may have a copper trim around the eyes, face, legs and chest.


The Australian Mountain Doodle may also vary in size depending on the type of breed you have. There are three varieties of the breed, a trait that it has probably acquired from the Poodle parent. These varieties are:

  • Standard Australian Mountain Doodle: 23-25-inches (shoulder); 50-60 lb
  • Mini Australian Mountain Doodle: 19-22-inches (shoulder); 30-40 lb
  • Toy Australian Mountain Doodle: 15-20-inches (shoulder); 10-24 lb

Females tend to be smaller in size than males.


A key aspect of the appearance of any breed is also the coat. The Australian Mountain Doodle’s coat may also vary depending on the parents that were used during the breeding and the generation.

In breeding parlance, the first generation of a designer dog (F1) refers to when two purebred dogs are mated to create a third breed. Similarly, an F2 dog is derived from mating two F1 dogs and the chain continues in this manner.

Depending on the parentage and the particularities of the breeding process, the Australian Mountain Doodle may have a straight, wavy or curly coat. This is not a double-coated breed which means that you can also give your dog a trim or a shave during the summers.

One of the most significant things to note about this breed is that it sheds very little hair. If you have mild allergies but are still looking to raise a dog, the Australian Mountain Doodle is a great breed to consider. 

Life Span

A healthy Australian Mountain Doodle can live up to 12 to 15 years, so you can enjoy many years of bliss with this breed. They also become adults quite early on, so you can count on your pooch becoming independent quickly.

For example, a standard Australian Mountain Doodle which is of medium size may come of age by the 12th or 16th month. An Australian Mountain Doodle any larger than that may become a full-sized adult by 18 to 24 months.

Proper nutrition for your Australian Mountain Doodle is super important if you are looking forward to a long companionship. Especially in their growing years, be sure to provide them with proper quantities of food.

The restrictions that an Australian Mountain Doodle may have in food is the same as any other dog. You can also experiment with a variety of different food groups and change up the meals with rice, yoghurt, pumpkin, potatoes, fruits, etc. in addition to meat.

Caring for an Australian Mountain Doodle

An Australian Mountain Doodle is not a particularly difficult dog breed to care for. They are medium-sized dogs that have an even temper. They are loving, friendly with kids and can make great companions even if you are alone.

But there are some things you must be careful about when raising an Australian Mountain Doodle. The following are some of the aspects of Australian Mountain Doodle care that you may want to pay special attention to:


Your Australian Mountain Doodle will need regular grooming so you can maintain its coat. Frequent brushing is a must if you want to avoid tangles and matted hair, especially if the dog has curly or wavy hair.

When the hair is long, you should make it a point to brush the pooch’s coat out every day until you can give it a trim. Once the hair is trimmed, it is easier to manage though you should still brush through the hair frequently.

It would also be advisable to give your dog a trim every 6-8 weeks to keep the coat clean and maintained. The good thing about Australian Mountain Doodles is that they do not shed as much as most other breeds do and are, therefore, a good hypoallergenic option.

There’s no need to bathe your Australian Mountain Doodle too often. In fact, you can mess with their body’s natural thermoregulation if you give them a bath often. Once in three months should be sufficient to keep your Australian Mountain Doodle clean and fresh.

Part of grooming this breed also involves ensuring their nails are trimmed and that their ears are clean. The latter is all the more important since Australian Mountain Doodles have floppy ears. It can be easy to miss an ear infection or let wax accumulate for too long.

bernese mountain dog - parent of australian mountain doodle
One of the parent breeds of the Austrailian Mountain Doodle


Like with any other breed, it is of the utmost importance to train and socialise an Australian Mountain Doodle from an early age. Australian Mountain Doodles are friendly and good-natured dogs.

However, you must keep in mind that at least part of their parentage also involves shepherd dogs who are genetically wired to drive cattle and protect them from predators.

These instincts may also be found in an Australian Mountain Doodle, so it is important to allow them to be around different kinds of people and animals from an early age.

Australian Mountain Doodles, like their parents, are also intelligent and intuitive dogs. They are easy to train and you should not find too many hurdles while doing so, provided you start early.

If you leave training till too late, the Australian Mountain Doodle will develop its own personality and independence, which can be difficult to navigate as the dog becomes older.

Puppies, no matter of what breed, are always more malleable. Male Australian Mountain Doodles can be slightly more stubborn than their female counterparts.

Note that Australian Mountain Doodles are always eager to please their owners, so you should train them with a lot of positive reinforcement. Keep treats handy for whenever you want to reward their behaviour and you will see the difference in no time!


As has been mentioned above, an Australian Mountain Doodle is a very energetic dog and likes to be engaged and play with its family. All the breeds that the Australian Mountain Doodle owes its parentage to are energetic and playful, traits that this particular breed also shares. The Australian Shepherd Dog and the Bernese Mountain Dog are both breeds that can hike for miles!

This means that the Australian Mountain Doodle also requires a fair amount of exercise so it can expend all the energy. Taking this breed out for a walk at least twice a day is a must.

In addition to that, the dog would benefit from frequent engagement and games with the family. This is a medium-sized dog so it does not require a lot of space. You can even have an Australian Mountain Doodle in an apartment. However, there is nothing like it if you have a yard for the dog to run around in or a park nearby where you can let the pooch off its leash.

They are easy dogs to train and respond well to stimuli. Invest in playing and exercise toys to keep them engaged and happy. If an Australian Mountain Doodle does not get the required amount of exercise, they can also become restless at best and belligerent at worst.

vet checking dog

Health Issues

No dog breed is perfect, even if it is completely purebred. Of course, first and second-generation breeds tend to be healthier than the ones that have been bred beyond that genetic tier, but there are always going to be some health issues that you may need to pay special attention to.

With Australian Mountain Doodles, you may have to deal with sensitive eyes, especially as they grow older. At times, they may also have sensitive skin so be careful about the products you are using while giving them a bath. This breed may also be prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, so that is something you must be careful about.

This is also the reason why it is important to keep them active so they do not become susceptible to these complications when they become older.

Many of these ailments may come from the Bernese Mountain Dog as it is a bigger and heavier dog. With Poodles, hip and elbow dysplasia may not be much of an issue. It is, therefore, important for the breeders to pick a healthy Bernese Mountain Dog for breeding.

It is always good to find a veterinarian that you trust from your dog’s young age. Do due diligence on your research and find somebody that you can rely on and can collaborate with to figure out your dog’s meal and nutrition plans.

Who Is an Australian Mountain Doodle Good For?

Whether you have a large family with kids or you live alone in an apartment, an Australian Mountain Doodle can be the perfect companion for you. They are friendly, loyal and intelligent dogs that thrive in the company of people and animals they love.

While they are high on energy, it is not like you need to take them on hikes consistently or make them exercise like any bigger, more athletic dog might need to.

If you like to lounge at home and want to lead a more relaxed, low-key life, Australian Mountain Doodles are good for that too as long as you take them out on walks and keep them mentally stimulated. The key is to avoid boredom as this is an intelligent and alert breed that likes to be challenged.

If you are an individual or a family that likes to be outdoors, go on hiking trips or generally enjoy a sense of adventure, an Australian Mountain Doodle is one of the best breeds you could welcome to the family. They are easy to train and if you do it right from a young age, you can take your pet Australian Mountain Doodle with you practically anywhere. They make great companions on hiking trips and love to be outdoors too!

So, whether you have a family that wants to adopt a dog or if you live alone and would like a canine companion, Australian Mountain Doodles are easy to manage, gentle and friendly pets to bring home.

Parting Words on the Australian Mountain Doodle

Bringing a dog home is one of the most life-changing decisions one can take. It alters one’s way of living completely and is not too different from bringing up a child. You will have to wake up early in the morning to take your dog out to relieve themselves. There may even be some early morning demands to be fed! These are all considerations you must keep in mind before making the decision to bring a dog home.

But once you do have the pet to take care of (and the initial starting troubles are out of the way), this can be one of the most amazing experiences of your life! An Australian Mountain Doodle, especially, is the kind of pet that does not demand much and gives you unconditional love in return for affection, engagement and some activity.

If you are a pet lover but do not have too much time to look after one, this breed is easy to train so you can even find a sitter or go to work without worrying about returning to torn upholstery or chewed up furniture.

They also do not shed as much which is great for a pet owner who may have allergies. If you have decided to make the commitment to a pet, an Australian Mountain Doodle may be one of the best of the lot!

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