How to Host a House Party When You Own a Dog

Who does not enjoy throwing a house party and inviting friends over? Well, it is something which we adults like to do at least once in six months. This may not sound like a big deal, but it does become one when you have a dog at home. Well, it is a house party, so you need not worry about leaving your dog home alone as you are going to be around it the entire evening. But, there will be 10-15 more guests in the house, which might not be that great for the dog.

You obviously wish to enjoy the evening rather than worry about how your dog will cope or try to control the dog’s behavior the entire evening. Hence, you should pre-plan a few things, which we have listed below.

1. Plan the Guest List Carefully:

When you invite people, you would not like to include names of people who are allergic to pets. If you plan on keeping your pet at home on the day of the party, then you need to only include names in the guest list who are comfortable around the pet. If you are adamant about not locking the dog in a room, then better ensure that the people coming home are comfortable around the pet. This is for your guest’s safety and your pet’s well-being.

2. Instruct Guests Not to Feed the Dog:

Dogs are known for their food begging habit. With so much food at the party, your dog is bound to beg for food from guests. Many may not be able to resist those big gooey eyes; hence you should strictly instruct your guests not to feed the dog.

Dogs are not supposed to eat human food as it harms them. Many dogs fall ill and suffer from severe conditions like diabetes just because they eat human food, which at times is forbidden. Diabetes is a serious condition in dogs that could lead to their death. Because of the profound implications it may have on your dog, strictly tell everyone to not feed the dog and keep an eye on it.

3. Make the Home Fur Free:

Having a pet at home means you cannot avoid fur on furniture and the floor. As a parent, you may not mind it, but your guests may not find it hygienic. Be sure to vacuum the home before the party. Not just the floor, but vacuum all the furniture to make the home fur-free. Also, use a room fresher as your house may smell like a pet lives there, which is obvious, but you would not want your guests to smell that.

It also helps to send your dog to the groomers before the party as they will efficiently de-shed the dog which will result in less hair loss. Even if you own a hypo-allergenic dog such as a goldendoodle, they can still shed a bit hence go through goldendoodle grooming to gain more information regarding the same.

4. Decide the Menu Carefully:

You should ask your guests about their food allergies before deciding on the menu, but have you considered your pet’s food allergies? You may request your guest’s not to feed the dog. Still, suppose by chance someone gives your dog a bite of his or her meal to which your dog is allergic. In that case, the evening will not end well, You cannot control everyone’s actions, but you could definitely decide on a menu free of any allergens for humans and the dog.

5. Analyze your Dog’s Behavior:

Some dogs are very social and friendly with humans such as the Goldendoodle. They are generally calm around people; hence, if your pet is one such dog, you have nothing to worry about. But, if your dog is usually anxious around people and has less experience socializing with a large group of people, a large gathering might not be a great idea. Plan a smaller party of 3-4 people. Let your dog get used to being around a few people before you expose it to a large group of people.

When you have an inexperienced dog, it makes no sense to do a sudden experiment that could go seriously wrong. You should consider the mental well-being of your pet and also your guests.

6. Place Them in a Room with Toys:

Check on the dog throughout the evening so it does not feel left out. If you still think it is in the best interest of the dog and guests to keep it isolated from guests, then better keep the dog in a room it is comfortable to stay. Place a bowl of water, a few of its favorite toys, and a few treats so that the dog stays occupied. The dog may bark now and then if it is uncomfortable to hear noises outside, but it should settle in a while.

7. Consider Someone Who Can Babysit Your Dog:

You can always send your dog to a relative’s home or call someone home to take care of the dog while you are busy at the party. If your dog is not a big fan of gatherings or noise, then better send it away to a friend’s place for the night. You will also be worry-free, and your dog will not get anxious.

8. Plan a Pet Party Instead:

If you are one of those pet parents who does not want your pet to be left out, then why not plan a party with other pet parents? Let your pet as well as you enjoy the party. Your pet can meet new friends and enjoy the evening with more fur balls, whereas you can enjoy the evening with the adults. This also helps your dog learn to socialize with other animals and humans. If it is the first time, then start by inviting 2-3 pets and their parents so that they learn to be around a few people and pets before you plan a full-fledged pet and parent party.

The Bottom Line:

When you host a party, your main aim should be to plan it to be stress-free for both the dog and your guests. Think ahead of all the possible scenarios and plan accordingly. Only then can you truly enjoy the evening. On the day of the party, just host the guests and have a great time.