which dogs can be left ane all day

Which Dogs Can Be Left Alone All Day?

Having a dog is great but you may be wondering, can I even have a dog if I work full time in an office? While the work from home movement is in full swing, it isn’t a luxury that everyone is entitled to. It’s not so easy to work from home if you’re a bus driver for instance… So this begs the question, which dogs can be left alone all day?

5 Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Alone

Some dog breeds are much more independent than others so will fare much better with 6-8 hours on their own. From our research, we have found that the following adult dog breeds are the best house dogs for people stuck in the office:

These dog breeds that can be left alone for long stretches normally have a few common traits. They are normally well trained and intelligent. They are also not the most active dog breeds so they aren’t too annoyed if they get to laze about and sleep all day. Basset Hounds in particular will likely sleep for most of the time you leave them on their own.

Does Dog Size Matter?

Not necessarily for how long they are okay on their own, it’s more about how much space they need to be comfortable. A French Bulldog needs much less space than a labrador. This matters a lot if you have a small room that you leave the dog in all day so that your sofa doesn’t get chewed to pieces.

how long is too long for a dog to be alone

How Long Is Too Long For A Dog?

While your beloved best friend might be okay for 8 hours, it still isn’t nice or enjoyable for them. They love you more than you’ll ever know and just want to be with you, so you can understand their distress at not spending all day with you because your job gets in the way.

We strongly recommend that you don’t leave your dog more alone for more than an 8 hour stretch. They will need the toilet at this point and holding for any longer will be very uncomfortable for them and may even force them to have an accident. This is also about how long it is between meals so they will be getting hungry by the time 8 hours rolls around.

Please make sure they have plenty of water available and an automatic dog feeder isn’t a bad idea either for dog owners leaving their dog while they go to work. You also need to make sure they get some exercise regularly if you leave them on their own. A nice long walk after work would be great for them to stretch their legs and get some fresh air.

How To Keep Your Dog Entertained When You’re Out?

It would be nice to leave your dog toys to keep them entertained but you need to consider the choking hazard if they get bored or hungry and try to eat them. You also don’t want to come home to loads of mess caused by a bored doggy. It’s fine to leave your dog with toys to play with as long as you are happy they won’t eat them and cause themselves harm. There are a few other things you can do to keep your precious pooch happy while you’re out.

Get a Family Member To Check Up On Your Dog

This is a great thing to do if you have someone that can stop by and check on your dog. They can make sure they’re happy and getting enough water. They can also let them out to go to the toilet. This will really break up the day for your pet and they won’t mind waiting another 3 or 4 hours for you to get home as they’ve had some human company and most importantly, some cuddles!

Find a Dog Walker

Without a doubt, there will be a dog walker local to you. This is a perfect way to break up the day for your dog and get them to stretch their legs a bit. This can even save you time after work if you don’t always have time to take your dog out for a walk. Dog walkers aren’t expensive and can really make your dog a lot happier when spending a lot of time on their own. Who doesn’t appreciate some fresh air and company to break up their day?

Get Another Dog

Obviously, you shouldn’t get another dog just because your dog is left alone all day. However, if you were thinking about it and you have the room and time (and energy) for another pup, it’s a great idea and dogs can keep each other company.

Is Separation Anxiety A Serious Problem?

To put it bluntly, yes. Separation anxiety can be a serious problem for dogs. While you may just think it’s something they will get over. It can cause severe emotional stress for the poor pooch. You can’t just leave a dog that has separation anxiety on its own for 7 hours. You need to train it out of them, so to speak. From when you get your puppy, you should be leaving the pooch on its own for increasing periods of time to get them used to not always being with you. You can slowly do the same with adult dogs if yours has separation anxiety. But don’t leave them on their own all day if you know it causes them distress.

Can Puppies Be Left On Their Own?

Generally speaking, puppies can hold it for about an hour per month old they are. So for a 3 month old puppy, it would only be able to hold it for about three hours before it needs a wee. Puppies also need care and attention. You should keep an eye on them until they are 6 months old as they could be chewing and eating things they shouldn’t. So if you need to go to work all day, you shouldn’t really leave a puppy on its own until it is 9 months or older as it will still need to be let out to go to the toilet regularly.

What Do Dogs Actually Do All Day When Home Alone?

Although this question might cause you some stress thinking about it, the answer is most likely a bit more boring than you thought. If you leave a dog alone all day and they don’t have separation anxiety, they will most likely sleep for 90% of the day. Jealous, I know.

While the more docile and lazy dogs will sleep all day, more active and mischievous pups may take advantage of you being out of the house and do things they aren’t normally allowed to. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything sinister like chewing or eating things they shouldn’t. They will probably just take the opportunity to relax on the sofa or on your bed. They might even try to get those treats or biscuits that you accidentally left on the kitchen counter.

In Conclusion

So, there are dog breeds that not only are able to stay alone for long periods of time but actually don’t mind all the extra naps. If you do leave your pups for 8 hours or so, try and get someone to check on them and let them out, they’d really appreciate the company. If you can’t get any help, make sure you reward them with some exercise and lots of time with you when you get home from work.

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