are maltipoos barkers?

Are Maltipoos Barkers? How to Stop a Maltipoo Barking

If you are looking at getting a dog, one of the top questions is about a breed of dog’s barking habits. It’s a fair question really because there is nothing worse than having a dog, even if it is your pet, incessantly barking. The same is the case with a lot of individuals who want to get a Maltipoo. This is a mixed breed dog that is a combination of the toy breed Maltese and a Poodle. All prospective owners want to know, are Maltipoos barkers?

When it comes to getting a pet, it is a very responsible thing to find out everything you can about the breed so that there are no rude shocks. So, we are glad you are here. Now, let’s talk about the Maltipoo and its barking.

There are many ways in which dogs communicate with their humans. Like wagging their tail and licking their lips, barking is also their way of trying to tell you something. So, what exactly causes the Maltipoo to bark? There are a few reasons. Let’s see what they are and how you can fix the problem if and when it occurs.

Attention Seeking

These dogs that spend a lot of time in a house with humans and don’t like to be left alone. They like to be near people and if that does not happen, they are going to yell about it. And barking is a dog’s version of yelling.

This is more common among Maltipoo puppies than senior dogs that are used to a schedule and know what to do with themselves in the house when left to their own devices.

So, if an older Maltipoo is barking that might be because something in their time table hasn’t happened. It can also be because they are experiencing separation anxiety. You might want to take care of that right away because otherwise, the barking can become a regular feature.

Puppies, on the other hand, are still learning a lot about themselves and their environment. So, they have a little less patience than an adult dog. And they will bark till they get your attention.


This is another popular reason that causes dogs of several breeds to bark. Maltipoos are no exception. When nothing is stimulating their mind or body, they get bored and resort to barking.

This is usually the case when they go for hours without any activity. Ideally, that shouldn’t be happening. They are energetic dogs, so they have the capacity to keep barking for hours at a time. It’s like tit for tat.

In fact, if you listen carefully, you might even hear a rhythm in the yelping. You shouldn’t be leaving your dog to get that bored in the first place. So, this is another situation that must be resolved right away. We’ll tell you how in a bit.

stop a maltipoo barking

Fear or Anxiety

Just like humans, there are a lot of things that can trigger fear and anxiety among dogs. Maltipoos are no strangers to these elements. If your dog is not seeking attention or bored but is barking like crazy, you must check on them right away. They might be feeling anxious or afraid of something. Barking is their way to alert you to the situation. But it is also a sign of them getting defensive by getting vocal.

This barking might also be the result of your Maltipoo feeling protective of you or the house. Usually, other animals and cars are strong triggers if your dog is not used to these yet. It can happen when you have just brought them home or you have moved.

It is common knowledge that dogs have sensitive hearing. So, it is possible that a loud sound like a siren or a sharp-sounding alarm that they are not familiar with has caused it. But that is a rare occurrence. Either way, keep your eyes out.

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How to Fix It?

If your Maltipoo is barking for attention or out of boredom, you want to do a few of these things to get rid of the habit.

Put them on a schedule and monitor it strictly till your little one gets the hang of it. Set reminders on your phone or tape the time table to the fridge. Do whatever it takes to keep it consistent for a while. Do not miss even a beat.

Add a couple of daily walks to the time table. If you are dealing with a puppy, make sure the training sessions are done at the same time every day. Play some games with your pet. Develop a regimen for meals and grooming. And when it is time to go to bed, lower the lights and reduce noises to get them into that zone.

This also tells your puppy that you will take time out just for them. Once they get used to the time table, they will know to wait for you to come to them. Maltipoo puppies are also going to take some time to get this message, so you will have to be patient in the beginning.

Until that happens, you are going to experience some serious barking. Do not give them the idea that barking is a way to get your attention! They are small and cute but you cannot let them misbehave!

However, telling them off is not the way to do it. Even if you say “Stop it!” they got your attention and in their book, that is a win. Do not do that. You can either ignore the barking or give them something to do and reward them if they stop barking.

When you ignore a barking Maltipoo, they usually find something else to do. A toy, perhaps. And that’s a good thing also because it teaches them to play on their own. Just remember that giving the toy to the puppy also sends the message that they got your attention.

This encourages the barking and that’s the last thing you want. You can leave their favourite toy at your feet and let them find it. Talk to the dog when they calm down.

While your puppy plays with their toy, make sure you check if their water bowl is full. Maybe he or she was thirsty.

If they are barking out of fear, you want to first check if there is any immediate danger. Also, check their body to see if they perhaps hurt themselves and are in pain. Talk to them lovingly and assure them that a) you are not mad at them and b) you are going to take care of them.

Parting Thoughts – Are Maltipoos Barkers?

There are lots of genuine reasons for your Maltipoo to bark. It is important to figure out the temperament of your puppy, especially in the initial days till you know what might cause them to bark. That way you know whether to run to them or ignore them.

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