barking heads dog food review

Barking Heads Dog Food Review – A Great Dog Food Brand

Barking Heads is a unique, UK-based company that is composed of animal lovers that seek to provide products that help our four-legged best friends live the healthiest, longest lives possible. They understand that for many, our pets are our family members, and as such, we have high expectations of the products we buy for them. We have covered all of this and much more in our Barking Heads dog food review.

This is why Barking Heads has a commitment to provide all-natural foods that are made from the highest-quality ingredients, with no fillers, for a clean product that meets the nutritional needs of your pup. They also have a product line called Meowing Heads for the cat lover as well.

Barking Heads Complete Dry Dog Food 12kg - Adult All Hounder...
All natural ingredients and made in the UK. Perfect for any spoilt pup.

All Bakring Heads products are made from natural, real meat and veggies, without any filler ingredients or artificial flavours. They make dog food that is tasty and your pup will love, but that meets their varied nutritional needs as well. They offer a range of products to meet the needs of pups young and old, and even those pups who might need to lose a few pounds. Most pet owners treat their pets like family and we wouldn’t feed our families subpar food, so why should we feed our pets as such? With high-quality, top-of-the-line brands like Barking Heads, pet parents can have the peace of mind that their dogs are getting the nutrition they need, with added benefits for their skin and coat, that is specially formulated for their age and size. Whether your dog likes wet or dry food or some combination thereof, Barking Heads has high-quality solutions that are so tasty your dog will come running at mealtime.

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Barking Heads Nutritional Value

The food we feed our dogs isn’t just something to fill their tummies. It is the fuel they need to be in optimal health and happiness, this is why we love Barking Heads dog food so much. This means they need something more than just “dog food”, they need real food that meets their varied nutritional needs but is still tasty enough that they will come running at mealtime. Many users swear by the tastiness of the food as even the pickiest dog loves Barking Heads.

Barking Heads is made from only the highest-quality ingredients and is nutritionally-balanced, but still tasty enough to please even the most discerning pup. Barking Heads is more than just kibble, it is a nutritional powerhouse made from ingredients you can pronounce that your dog will love. All ingredients in Barking Heads food is sustainably sourced and local ingredients are used wherever possible. You get the peace of mind with Barking Heads that your four-legged best friends are getting high-quality cuts of sustainable meat as well as veggies and other added ingredients that provide science-backed nutritional benefits.

barking heads dog food review nutritional value

Every bag of Barking Heads is made with high-quality fibre, which helps aid in digestion and keeps your dog feeling full. Probiotics are added to a number of their varieties to meet the needs of older dogs and those with more specialized health needs.

The food is well balanced and features slow-release carbohydrates, which provide for steady energy and keeps your dog feeling full. All meat in Barking Heads dog food is made from the cleanest, freshest cuts of meat available and is also high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils which not only promote general health but also help to keep the coat and skin healthy and shiny.

The chicken, turkey, and duck in their foods are free run, their beef and lamb are grass-fed, and their salmon is Scottish-caught,  ensuring that the food is not only of the best quality but sustainably harvested as well.

The food is fortified with vitamins and minerals your dog needs for joint and other key health needs. The food also features brown rice for high fibre, low-fat energy. White rice is used in foods that are meant for animals with sensitive stomachs. Ground oats help aid in digestive health. Potatoes provide a quick burst of energy. Sweet potato provides enhanced antioxidants and keeps blood sugar balanced.

Barking Heads Complete Dry Dog Food 12kg - Adult All Hounder...
All natural ingredients and made in the UK. Perfect for any spoilt pup.

Many of their dog foods also contain tomatoes, which are rich in vitamin A and C. Carrots are used as a good source of antioxidants and vitamin A. Sunflower oil has healthy fatty acids which promote coat health. Linseed is used as a quality source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These acids are not only beneficial for coat and skin health, but they also promote immune system health and joint health.

Cranberry is used to help promote urinary tract health and is high in many vitamins and minerals. Barley is used as a fibre-rich additive that also has key micronutrients. Eggs add protein, as well as important vitamins and minerals. Peas are utilized as they promote healthy weight and are a good source of quality carbohydrates. Lentils are included as a source of clean protein as well. Human-quality flours are also used in many of their dog treats as well as their dog food.

Barking Heads Dog Food Other Benefits

In our Barking Heads dog food review, we found that it does a lot more than just provide balanced nutrition for dogs of all ages and sizes. The formula is designed to provide sustained energy, so your dog remains full and calm longer. With this type of dog food, you deal far less with your dog harassing you between feedings because they are still hungry. This food provides substantial nutrition and high-quality protein and fibre that keep your dog feeling full and happy after having their dog food.

barking heads dog food review happy dog

Barking Heads dog food is also formulated to help promote digestive health. This is important for a number of reasons. First, a dog with a tummy ache is not a happy dog. Secondly, a dog that is having digestive issues is not likely to have solid poops, which can make for difficulty when picking up after them. Digestive health is important for a lot of different reasons and with Barking Heads dog food, you don’t have to worry that your dog is lacking here.

All varieties of Barking Heads dog food are also fortified with vitamins and minerals that help promote skin and coat health. This means a pup with a healthier, shinier coat and far fewer issues with scratching, biting, and other skin problems. Dogs that eat Barking Heads have shiny, healthy coats and skin that is moisturized and isn’t easily irritated.

The dog food is also known to provide a solid immune system boost which helps your pup fight off potential infections easier. Barking Heads dog food is approved by vets for use in dogs of all ages, sizes, and special needs. Each bag also comes with a handy feeding guide that shows you how much your dog needs for optimal health. This can really help reduce overeating from overfeeding. While it can be tempting to give into a begging dog, an overweight dog is prone to a wide range of health problems that can reduce their quality of life and even cut it short.

Barking Heads Complete Dry Dog Food 12kg - Adult All Hounder...
All natural ingredients and made in the UK. Perfect for any spoilt pup.

What Kind of Dogs Benefit Most From Barking Heads Dog Food?

Barking Heads offers a wide range of different types of dry dog food and wet dog food and also treats that meet the needs of dogs of any size and age. There are different varieties so you can find the option that is best suited to your dog and their individual needs. Whether your dog is young or old, a healthy weight, or in need of losing a few pounds, and even if your dog is super picky, there are enough varieties of Barking Heads dog food for even the pickiest of animals.

The Barking Heads Dog Food product line features quality wet and dry food options for puppies, adult dogs, and senior pups too. There is a range of flavours to meet the preferences of pretty much any dog. They have chicken, lamb, salmon, mixed seafood, duck, turkey, and beef options. They also have food that is specially formulated for dogs that need to lose weight. Unlike most weight loss dog food, Barking Heads created a formula that dogs love, that keeps them full, gives them the nutrition they need, and also promotes healthy and sustainable weight loss.

Any of the options available promotes general health and wellness and is formulated to promote healthy digestion and joint health, two issues that are common in dogs. You can find each variety in a number of package sizes, so you can find the size that meets the needs of each family. No need in getting a tiny bag of dog food for your 100-pound best friend. You can choose from four different bag sizes and their wet food comes in cases as well as individual cans.

Barking Heads Dog Food Pros and Cons

Many users swear by this food for its quality and desirability for even the pickiest of dogs. Dogs that have shunned most other brands of food have found Barking Heads to be tasty and satisfactory. With a wide range of flavours, it is easy to find a variety that will meet your dog’s tastes and needs.

Their food is proven to be highly nutritional and made from quality ingredients that provide results that can be seen. Pups that have higher levels of energy, get around easier, have shinier coats and healthier skin, all have been reported after eating Barking Heads. Many people with dogs that begged for food between meals find they have far fewer issues with this behaviour after feeding their dogs Barking Heads.

Barking Heads dog food is widely available in both physical stores and online stores, making it easy to find and in enough varieties to meet the varied needs and tastes of pups. It is a quality brand with ingredients you can trust and that is vet recommended for dogs of all ages and sizes. Vets laud the lean meats used as well as the added vegetables, grains, and oils that help create a unique formula that combines great taste with superior nutrition.

They even have a formula for weight loss, which users laud for its utility and effectiveness. It is tasty enough to keep their dogs happy and still helps them lose weight so they can be healthier and live longer fuller lives. The formula satisfies their dog’s tastes, keeping them full, giving them the energy they need, while also promoting healthy weight loss.

One of the downsides to this brand is that while they have a lot of varieties if you have a dog with a unique condition, there might not be a suitable variety. If, for example, you have a diabetic pup, you are still going to want to use a vet formula of dog food. The Barking Heads line is not suitable for these specialised needs. While it is a premium dog food brand, it isn’t designed for dogs with unique health conditions.

Barking Heads Dog Food Pros:

  • Grain-free varieties available
  • Options for puppies, adults, older dogs, and overweight dogs
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Promotes skin and coat health
  • Supports joint and immune system health
  • Available in a variety of mouth-watering flavours

Barking Heads Dog Food Cons:

  • Not available in varieties for certain conditions
  • Costlier than other brands

In Conclusion

If you want to give your dog the absolute best while also supporting a homegrown business, Barking Heads dog food is a great choice. Based in the UK, Barking Heads is a trusted and well-known company that makes a wide range of wet and dry dog foods that are well-balanced and made from the highest quality ingredients.

Their meat, veggies, and grains are all sustainably and humanely sourced and they use the highest-quality ingredients available. Each of their varieties is specially formulated. Some are made for puppies, others for adult dogs, others for senior dogs, and others for dogs that may need to lose a few pounds.

All varieties feature all the nutrition a dog needs for the happiest and healthiest life. It is great-tasting and dog owners swear by the quality. Their dogs love the food and are happier and healthier from eating it.

Whatever variety you choose, Barking Heads is a company committed to providing our four-legged best friends with tasty, quality food that will not only meet their nutritional needs but will keep them feeling fuller, longer, leading to a happier and calmer dog as well. With Barking Heads, pet parents have peace of mind that they are doing right by their pets and giving them the best they possibly can.

We hope you enjoyed our Barking Heads dog food review, we thoroughly recommend it overall!

Barking Heads Complete Dry Dog Food 12kg - Adult All Hounder...
All natural ingredients and made in the UK. Perfect for any spoilt pup.

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